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Corporate Legal Advisor

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Dana Ewans

Dana advises clients on the full range of corporate legal services and also brings specialist experience in the field of employment law.

Dana's clients look to her to manage an extremely wide range of corporate legal responsibilities. It could be recreating their statutory books, updating and drafting articles, dealing with share transactions and drafting loan and shareholder agreements. Her background in employment law means she is also routinely asked to advise on issues such as employment contracts, service agreements and related policies.

Dana started her career as a Legal Secretary before training as a Legal Executive and progressing to roles advising on personal injury claims and personal and commercial contract disputes. This experience gave her a good grounding in managing a complex caseload and resolving disputes through tribunals, the courts and mediation.

She has an LLB (Hons) from Nottingham Law School and is studying for the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives qualification.

Is the gig up for Deliveroo?

Even the people who shy away from newspapers and change channel when the 10 o clock news comes on could not fail to have seen the headlines about Uber and their drivers’ battle to secure worker status. While today it is Deliveroo’s turn to face the music as the Tribunal meet for a third and concluding day. In a case brought by the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain (‘IWGB’), the...

The gig is up... or is it?

With increased congestion and roadworks on every corner, bicycles are coming in to their own. Commuters are donning Lycra and all sorts of businesses, including fast food and courier companies, are now making deliveries on two wheels in order to offer their customers a more efficient service. The so-called ‘gig economy’ has taken off in the UK during the last 12 months or so both...

Shareholders are for life, not just for Christmas

We have all seen the adverts depicting dogs, abandoned and unloved, once the novelty of a cute Christmas puppy has worn off. Now I’m not suggesting that any one of you would like to abandon your fellow shareholders in a cardboard box by the canal, but have you ever thought what might happen to your company if the fondness for a fellow shareholder wears off? I recently received an...

Employment, Interviews & Hiring: Degrees of truth

I have to ‘put my hands up’ confess that during the early stages of my career I have turned ‘filing’ in to ‘document management’, ‘photocopying and pagination’ into ‘production and management of case files’, and ‘booking meetings when I’m told to’ into ‘executive support and diary management’. Very few people can say that they have not tailored their CV to add a bit more glamour to...

Pokémon Go: An employee policy challenge?

In the recent heatwave I have taken advantage of my local park, wandering round the lakes, finding shade under the trees, but on more than one occasion I was shocked to see people missing all of the beauty around them, fixated on their smart phone. Were they not interested in their companion’s conversation? Were they lost and consulting a map? No, all around me, humans turned hunters....

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