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Differences between Model Articles and Jordans’ Articles

The title of this article may be deceiving. Jordans draft a range of bespoke articles daily and it would be impossible (and impossibly boring) to compare each one to the Model Articles. However, I shall try my best to limit that wild goose chase to referring to the Jordans’ standard, our vanilla, very simple and small company type articles that prove quite popular for reasons I hope I will...
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What are the pitfalls of the Model Articles?

Every company is required to have some form of articles of association to act as the ‘official rule book’ of the company; whether the company adopt bespoke articles or the Model Articles.   The Model Articles for a private company limited by shares are contained in Schedule 1 of The Companies (Model Articles) Regulations 2008 SI No. 3229 as amended by the Mental Health...
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The Supreme Court: The (access to) Justice league

It is not often as lawyers that we get to write about changes that take immediate effect.  Indeed legal blogs are always littered with language like ‘time will tell’, ‘it remains to be seen’, and ‘it may or may not’, but yesterday the Supreme Court made its presence and authority known across the Country. The Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013 (‘the Order’)...
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Succession planning - handing over control

As previously covered in a blog on the fundamentals of succession planning , nothing really beats consistently-maintained succession planning that is begun early in the company’s life. Once the need for succession planning is realised, how can companies best prepare for a handover of control? Anyone forming a company will ideally have a clear idea of what the company’s purpose is, and...
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The Employment Status Test

Even big businesses are getting employment status wrong . There are certain factors in the relationship between the business and the individual that should be carefully considered, regardless of what the contract says. Someone who is not an employee in the traditional sense of the word, may still qualify for ‘worker’ status as a result of their working practices. Workers are a group of...
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