Appointment of the Small Business Commissioner

It is official! As promised the government has followed through and appointed the Small Business Commissioner. Greg Clark, the Secretary of State for Business, announced the appointment on 2 October 2017.

The Small Business Commissioner (SBC) will be the head of the Small Business Commissioner’s Office (SBCO), where small businesses can bring their complaints regarding late payments from their large business customers.

Greg Clark said:

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, providing jobs and opportunities across the country. I am delighted to announce Paul Uppal as the first Small Business Commissioner. His extensive experience as a small business owner makes him perfectly suited to champion the interests of small business and bring about a change in culture that will create a level playing field for everyone.”

Paul Uppal, who is a former MP, has had 20 years of small business experience in the residential sector and will be based in Birmingham.

He said:

“Running your own business can be a very lonely experience and my priority will be ensuring small firms feel supported as well as helping to create an overall impression that business isn’t necessarily cut throat.

In fact, successful businesses are built on integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and trusting relationships and I want to highlight that Britain can be the best place in the world for new entrepreneurs to establish and grow their own businesses.”

With the appointment now in place it has come to light that the SBCO will not only be providing general advice and information to small businesses on matters such as resolving disputes, but will also be empowering and supporting them. This additional role is important as there are currently 5.5 million small businesses in Britain that are helping to sustain our economy.

The office of the Small Business Commissioner (SBC) is expected to be operational by the end of 2017. It is therefore unlikely that we will see any significant decisions made this year, but trust that the impact of this appointment will be effective for small businesses in 2018.

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