AIM Rules - rule changes for companies and nominated advisors

The London Stock Exchange has published confirmation of changes to be made to the AIM Rules for companies and nominated advisors (AIM Notice 50).

Following the recent consultation, AIM Rule 26 has been amended so that AIM companies will be required to state on their website which recognised corporate governance code they apply and how they have applied that code. The disclosures should be reviewed annually and the date on which the information was last reviewed should be included on the website. Companies registered overseas are able to report against a recognised code in their home country. Existing registered companies have until 28 September 2018 to comply with the new requirements to give them time to make the necessary arrangements. However, any new companies registering for AIM will have to comply from 30 March.

The Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) has issued a statement in relation to these changes, and have confirmed that an updated version of the QCA Corporate Governance Code will be released in April 2018.

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