Share Capital Services

Whether you know how you want to restructure your share capital or you just know what the end picture looks like for you, we can assist you.

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Our range of share capital services include

A and B shares

Companies may decide to issue these to give special rights to different classes of shareholders. 

Reduction of share capital

A private company can reduce its issued share capital by special resolution supported by a solvency statement.

Share transfers

For expert help with documenting share transfers and transmissions or drafting bespoke transfer articles.

Preference and redeemable shares

Preference shares give the holder priority when dividends and capital are paid. Redeemable shares may entitle the holder to have their capital repaid on specific dates or by notice.

Purchase of own shares

A purchase of shares is commonly used by companies to return surplus cash to shareholders, provide an exit route for a shareholder or following the death of a shareholder.

Share for share exchange

Shareholders in one company exchange shares in another company. 

Other share capital services

We can help with share issues, including rights issues and bonus issues, sub-division or consolidation of shares.

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