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The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is new data protection law that comes into force on 25th May 2018. It applies not only to the UK but also right across the European Union.


How we can help your organisation with their GDPR compliance

We can provide as much (or indeed as little support) as your organisation needs. So, whether your organisation has a data protection officer or indeed a data protection team, has its own in-house legal team or whether it has no previous experience of data protection compliance, we can help you.

Your organisation may want to know what it specifically needs to do in order to comply with the GDPR. Here our GDPR audit can help.

On the other hand, your organisation may just want us to help with discrete pieces of GDPR work such as:

  • Checking your policies and procedures
  • Ensuring you have the correct consents
  • Providing training to the board or employees on data protection compliance
  • Checking your data processing contracts contain the requisite clauses
  • Drafting the privacy policy for your website
  • Assistance with interpretation of GPDR

How our GDPR audit can help your organisation

Our GDPR audit starts with a data mapping exercise, which we help you with, to ascertain what personal data you hold and what you currently do with it. Once we have completed this, we produce a report identifying the gaps in your GDPR compliances and the steps that need to be taken to close those gaps. Our GDPR audit is designed to be as painless a process as possible for your organisation. We avoid asking your organisation difficult, technical questions. We simply look at what your organisation currently does and compare that to what it should be doing under the GDPR.

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