Competition law

Competition law essentially prohibits arrangements that have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition.

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Complying with competition law?

It also prohibits abuses of dominant market positions.  It catches all sorts of activities such as market sharing, price fixing, cartels, bid-rigging and even the sharing of information. Breach competition law and your business could be fined up to 10% of its worldwide turnover for each year of infringement. Worse still, participating directors and employees can face criminal prosecution which can ultimately lead to imprisonment if found guilty.

We have real practical experience of acting in connection with competition law investigations. The compliance advice you receive from us is therefore not theoretical, it's based on real events. Let us help protect your business from the serious harm unwarranted investigations can cause.

Are you confident that your employees are complying with competition law and not potentially putting your business at risk? Our experience tells us that often directors are unaware of  conduct by its employees which amounts to a serious breach of competition law. We can avoid potential issues by providing your employees with bespoke competition law training which is focused entirely on your business.

Is that co-operation arrangement you are working on with your competitors lawful? We have genuine experience in putting together collaborations between high profile multi-national businesses which do not breach competition law.


Your business is too valuable so do not take risks with competition law compliance and speak to us.

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